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Do you think the Indian pronunciation of English and the Indian accent is erroneous?

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    It's a dialect of English. It's no more "wrong" than the British pronunciation, the US pronunciation, or the Australian pronunciation. The goal should be intelligibility. There are dialects of British English that are impossible to understand (even on British television, they are subtitled like a foreign language). There is one dialect of Indian English with a retroflex "r" that is often hard for other speakers of English to understand. But in studies of Professors and Teaching Assistants from India in US schools, the biggest issue in comprehension for the students was the longer phrase length in Indian English. When you're used to hearing a certain number of syllables before a pause, listening to speakers with longer phrase units can sound like rapid-fire speech, and can be hard to listen to. 

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    chat-questions are not allowed here.

    Everybody has an accent, especially in a language that is not their native one

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    Do I think they "is" erroneous?   Your grammar is erroneous.  Accents aren't "erroneous."   They just ARE. 

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    No. I am not a language proscriptionist.  I believe instead that language is mostly what people actually speak as a group.  Individuals can be "wrong" (perform in ways that are not typical of the group) but no group can be wrong when it comes to language.  Rules of speech reflect what people actually do, and do not force people to do what they would not otherwise do.

    My French pronunciation is often wrong.  If half of society spoke French the same way I do, though, it would not be wrong.  It is wrong because I am the oddball, that is how it is wrong.

    This gets difficult when word pronunciations that are different from what they once were start to become common.  Where is the line where wrong becomes no longer wrong, but actually acceptable, and perhaps even right?

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  • 2 months ago

    No. It has become its own version of English, just like American English.  International English is a generic version used for technical writing, and it is best to use that at the academic level.

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