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My PC crashed while on Windows 10 earlier in the week, and loading the Win Recovery environment takes ages to click on a particular option. In fact upon booting normally, the PC Blue Screens again and the same crash process starts all over again.  I launched CMD prompt and ran chkdsk C: /r /d /c and the error message I get is that CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives. I don't know what other options to try.

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    there are lots of reasons for BSOD. You need to quote the STOP Code itself to determine if there are bad disk sectors or not eg Antivirus software updates can cause BSOD's which is why you need to quote stop code. Chkdsk really only helps with file table corruptions. Most Bios's have built in Long and Short DST testing on hard drives and may even be able to fix bad sectors but will definitely show a slow sector or sectors and a PASS gives confidence sectors are actually OK. Note some tests are destructive for disk repairs so be careful read what the test tells you will happen. However as with all drives a bad sector in the wrong place can be difficult to deal with. Provided a disk drive has SMART enabled then in theory you should get a TRIGGER warning to tell you identify when the disk is on its way out, however in practice it often happens that a disk gets slower and slower and just wont boot to even be able to copy off your precious data. when a drive does not boot it can be for 3 reasons 1) its ok but its configuration is messed up but it may be returned to normal using a simple REBUILD BCD or a Chkdsk /f. 2) it has faulty sectors that need replacement with SPARES that are RENUMBERED(all disks have around 100-256 spares which can be renumbered to take the place of faulty ones that refuse to repair)  - disk diagnostics does this(not chkdsk) see disk makers website for bootable repair software eg Seagate SEATOOLS or Hitachi(IBM) DFT. 3) Mechanical condition or electrical circuit fault on the drive means its never gonna get better so you should have copied off data from command prompt as soon as you could. 

    Note sometimes a BAD CMOS battery may lead to minor BIOS settings corruption which can cause drives to be Mis-Read at BOOT time. Check Cmos battery is > 3.0 volts any less than 2.97 might suggest an unreliable situation where battery needs replacement and settings need to be cleared and reset to ensure correct operation. Generally a CMOS battery lasts 3 to 5 years. hope something there helps.

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    time to take it to a repair shop. that one's messed up bad...

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