pycharm interpreter installation error--permission denied?


i have recently installed python ide pycharm, which is about 800 mb in size, I successfully installed pycharm interpreter ide, but when i try to start a new project, it give me error indicating: permission denied, to reference underlying interpreter in given directory, what are the problems and how to fix, any recommendation


1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Make sure you're not trying to use a system directory to store your project files in.  If you're not an admin running elevated, that will cause a 'permission denied' error.

    Also, if you use add-on packages from PyPI or some other repository in your project, PyCharm may try to update the selected interpreter with the required version of those packages.  For system-wide installations, that requires elevation, too.  Probably the best option there is to use a "virtual environment".  You can read more about that from a PyCharm point of view at:

    ...and about Python virtual environments in general starting at the docs for the "venv" module:

    ...and following links from there to the original proposal (PEP 405) and other docs.

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