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Is Hanna Rosin's speech a wonderful insight of the present times?

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    "Is Hanna Rosin's speech a wonderful insight of the present times?"

    Hanna Rosin’s speech is representative of the times just prior to the 2020 pandemic, going back to about 2008.  So the answer is No.  Now this is the short answer. For the fuller answer, read on.

    Hanna Rosin’s book, and the bulk of her premise that we live in the times of “the end of men” was written shortly after the 2008 global recession where for the first time in the US, more women were employed than men during that "mancession". I wonder if her entire concept has ended since the pandemic where it has been mostly female jobs that have vanished under this dynamic ("shecession")? Is it “the end of women” now? So the era of women lasted only a little more than a decade?

    Besides workplace statistics she further cites college degrees and the amount of women “dominating” -some- professions, as bringing about the end of men. I thought the term for this was supposed to be “equality”? Now she’s telling us when women perform roughly the same as men on average (some better-some worse), in typical wage slave jobs where they still report to some higher boss, CEO, President or owner … that it is women that are “dominating” it all, while this same dynamic represents “the end of men”? 

    Oh, and did you notice that everyone in the audience laughed at the effeminate new Marlboro man? And that was the intention too. So the more that things change, the more they stay the same. We truly are traditional under the hood as humans. A real man will always be a real man. And so the feminizing of men is a penalizing, derogatory imposition by ideologies like feminism, that dislike men and masculinity, and wish to purposefully impose impotent, ineffectual behaviour onto men in order to render them safe and predictable utilities for an idealized feminist society.  Uuuuh .... no thanks!

    Once again, this “end of men” concept is based entirely on the fallacy that we have always lived under some sort of GENDER rule when in fact we currently, and have always lived under CLASS rule. This purposeful distraction of reality was imposed onto feminism at the second wave when it was hijacked by corporate interests through their financing of feminism for their own gain. Today, feminism is part of the globalist Establishment. And those people love to distract us working class people by using identity politics so that all us common workers fight by gender, by race, by religion, by sexual identity and so on … while we never notice that these elite are responsible for reducing our take home pay through higher taxes while getting tax breaks for themselves. While sending us to war by appealing to the same identity politics … telling us we are fighting for other people’s rights, for girls to be educated, for gays to get rights and so on … while they indiscriminately drop bombs to ruin that other country, only to take over its resources while profiting for each bomb that is dropped, each life that is ended,

    Then there is the telling dynamic in the video where her 10 year old daughter is allowed to be the expert on why boys are failing. The younger brother who might actually have the lived experience being discussed, vehemently disagrees but is immediately shut down by his father where the dynamic in that family is clearly one where the men have already been castrated. Perhaps the “end of men” is a Rosin family dynamic that is being imposed by Hanna, onto the rest of society ... or at least those that are willing to listen to her strangely subjective lived experience, rather than any reality based phenomenon.


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