Am I ESTP or ISTP? Or something different?

I'm pretty sure I have Se dominant and Ti auxiliary as I first experience and then make logical conclusions (as Se-Ti would?). I want to experience literally everything, even if it does not make sense to me. I prefer to observe and then think, not the other way around: I don't usually like thinking about something beforehand and then experiencing (observing) it (as Ti-Se would?) or thinking too much instead of enjoying the experience. Ti is really noticeable in me as I have clear personal logical structures in my head about everything. The real question comes to my tertiary function. An ESTP would have Fe and ISTP would have Ni. Here I think my Ni is stronger than Fe because I almost every time follow my gut feeling as it is often true. I can easily see what will change in the future and always concentrate on the bigger picture (I have real trouble with details, any kind of structure and concentration on one specific thing). I don't view life as purely mechanical, I find and enjoy the beauty in everything and love aesthetics. I like to think about theories and philosophical meanings but only if it is meaningful or useful for me at the moment, I don't really care about the general theoretical knowledge besides its practical meaning for me and my application. I'd say I have more functioning Fe rather than Fi. I enjoy social settings and drama, love to be the center of attention, acting, and starting conflicts for fun.


Thank you in advance

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    you seem to look more like the estp type, mixed with something else. i read a list of jungian types, i didn't know it.

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    You must realize some things overlap.

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