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Opinions on this entire situation? Why is she behaving this way. I’m trying to figure out her mental state, and her behaviour towards me?

On Tinder I matched with a woman aged 27. I arranged a date but on the day there was a death in my family & I had to postpone. However, she didn't believe me; excused me of just ‘pretending a member of their family has died to get out of going on a date.’ No matter what I told her she believes I never had any intention of taking her out. She said, “I can tell you right now, that getting your kicks of people falling for you, making them think there’s a date and imagining them being so sad when it’s cancelled, you’ve come to the wrong f***g girl”. From there on I haven’t been able to rearrange the date because she thinks I was lying & she’s been angry & quite frankly rude towards me ever since. We’re on Instagram too, I’m mates with my ex, & so on my Instagram she found photos of my ex & me in tagged posts from my ex. The Tinder woman has now excused me of having a girlfriend the whole time & thinks that’s the reason I didn’t meet her. I told her she’s my ex & again she accuses me of lying & so I said to ask my ex if she won’t take my word for it. She did just that but she still believes what she believes because she messaged me this, “your gf is as weird as you - what a match made in heaven 😂😂😂😂”. The woman from Tinder doesn’t follow me on Instagram anymore but I still follow her. In my Instagram feed I saw a post of a piece of her artwork, I gave it a like & she messaged me this, 'stop liking my photos / going on my account. I’ve unfollowed you, do the same to me’.

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    If she can't trust you and you guys aren't even dating yet, this should be a red flag for you.  Stay away from her.  She doesn't have any trust in you and obviously doesn't have it for you now. NOT worth the battle.  One thing wrong ever again and you are out again. 

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    My opinion is that she is right about you. You do like playing games with people, otherwise you would have blocked her after your first argument and forgotten her by now. Her behavior was inappropriate and kind of sad, but you aren't any better.  You kept following her, indulging her antics, and provoking her when she tries to move on. Grow up and leave her alone.

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