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I feel like I can't even speak my native language properly? What's wrong with me?

I'll provide a little background. I was raised in an English speaking country where we lived for seven years, and then my family and I went to France(my mother is French) where I lived since then. Sometimes I feel like I can't speak French like French people who were born in France, and I feel like it's easier for me to speak English. What is wrong with me? 

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    You went to France early enough that you shouldn't have any difficulties with French, so I'd say the problem is largely in your head.  

    However, even many bilingual people have a preferred language.  I imagine your mother spoke French to you from your birth, but since you were surrounded by English-speakers until you were 7, English became your preferred tongue.

    Nothing's "wrong" -- you just feel like an English speaker in a non Anglophone nation.  But you probably speak French perfectly well, because your mother spoke it to you and you moved to France at such an early age.

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