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Is it good that courts go much softer on female criminals than male criminals?

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    "Is it good that courts go much softer on female criminals than male criminals?"

    It's certainly good for the female criminals!  And feminists don't differentiate "criminals" with their identity politics.  They only see women ... even criminal women as women.  Thus even criminal women are "victims" and "oppressed" by society according to the modern day feminist ideology.

    Does anyone else continually see such problems with this faulty identity politics used by feminists and the Left?  Or is it only me??

    This is not good for anybody.  Especially any actual victim of criminal behaviour.  Any criminal, including a female, needs to be responsible to their victim and the society.  By turning criminals into "victims" when they are female only, this entire dynamic is turned on it's head.  The actual victim of the criminal becomes re-victimized, and society suffers a structural crack in one of its foundational pillars. Justice.


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    It is common belief that women are more vicious, conniving, and revengeful.

    Women are treated easier, because they are Mothers, the caregivers, and without defenses.

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