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teenage daughter out of control? ?

My daughter turned 16 back in the summer her dad brought her a car and I knew it was a bad idea. Now she’s never home she’s gone all day and night from morning to night.. she got up late at night yesterday and was gone until 1am In the morning.. I just wanna know where she is.. I hate the covid because these kids are not in school she hasn’t been in school since last spring..her dad laughs at me and tells me she’s a adult he keeps giving her music .. please help? 

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  • If i were you, i'd have a serious but calm talk with her & implement rules, be patient. Put your foot down but don't  use viol3nce, If she keeps breaking the rules, take her car away, make a family member watch over the car or send her to boarding school for girls...  May-b a psychologist can help you sort this out? She is too young to be acting like she can just do whatever she wants. She is 14 & there are soo many dogs out there who can take advantage of her young mind.... God help you, Ms. Seek & pray to Jesus Christ as well, if you want.

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    You should have a talk with her.

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