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how can i hide my desperation for a girlfriend & play it cool?

i'm a male in my 40s who has never had a female partner or a girlfriend, i did have many sexual flings with girls though in my adolescence.....the reason for me never finding relationships is because i had a lot of problems in my life and have had severe mental health problems and low self esteem, because of my low self esteem, it has affected the way i communicate with women and i have mostly been rejected by them...

i now live in a flat on my own, lived here 15 years, and i get very sexually frustrated and desperate a lot.....there are nice girls and women on my friends list on facebook.....one in her mid 50s who has shown interest in me, but because of my low self esteem and desperation , i'm afraid to communicate with her in case those traits show and i frighten her off, i get rejected.

i get so lonely & isolated and wonder when i will find a steady girlfriend? is it destined not to happen to me?.....the desperation i feel is driving me mad.............loneliness eats away at me living alone.

tell me, how can i play it cool and hide the desperation i feel for a woman and a girlfriend?

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