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How do I buy a car?

What are my options instead of paying upfront which I don't have the money for, do most people pay upfront or pay weekly/fortnightly/monthly payments. I am looking to by a hatchback. I never had a car before.

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    There are plenty of companies out there that offer you credit and exchange for you signing up for their life insurance program you must name them as the beneficiary! They will be pleased to Grant you credit as long as you pay for the policy.

    They give you a great car with an embedded GPS LoJack device. They know exactly where their car is.

    I don't need to tell you what happens to you if you fail to make your payments.

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    We were at the dealership to buy a new van. The salesman kept going to the dealership's financial manager, and returning to where we were sitting and he kept talking about 'leasing'. It took a while to convince him that we wanted to BUY a vehicle.

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    I'm like you, all that talk of loans and credit union is confusing or too difficult for me.

    The main options (for me) are to either save and buy a car outright, you own it and never pay on it again. 

    Or pay a down payment, and they let you finance the rest over years.  

    Or lease a car and it's like you just rent it for 2 years, pay monthly on it, the repairs are free, then you return it after the lease. No down payment is needed, just acceptable credit and car insurance. I may try this next time. 

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    You can lease one or take out an auto loan.

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    You save up money for a down payment and then you go to a bank or credit union to get financing. If you do not have a job and have bad credit, you probably won’t be able to get a car loan.

    Also, anytime you have a loan, you have to have full coverage insurance on your car.

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