Kat asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 2 months ago

What movie? What show? Did I make this up in my head!?!?

Ok guys I need help!?! I could very well be crazy 😜 in my mind there is a movie clip of a guy saying it’s a cornucopia of...??? He is using it like a fancy word and then he laughs and I can’t remember what’s it’s from😳 can anyone else remember this?!?!


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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If you type cornucopia google suggests Hunger Games, so.. is it Hunger Games?

    Other than that, i actually remember something kinda similar. A scene like that from the movie Psycho, Psycho 4 (and maybe even the show Bates Motel). Norman Bates uses a 'fancy' word to refer to something and in the fourth movie they make a reference to that in a scene where a young Norman says this word while talking to a girl and she laughs. I think they make the same reference in an episode of Bates Motel, i think.

    Don't remember which word it is but i think it was an adverb, but I'm sure the word cornucopia was never said in any of those movies.

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