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How do I segue into a new company?

Good day. I was working for a company and I worked my way up to an assistant director position of a site. I'm wanting to leverage that into a similar position at a new company that would need my skill set. But my concern is not knowing what to do at the beginning. By that I mean, when I walk in my first day, my first week, how will I know what I actually need to do? With my last company, I grew into knowing what to do. But what happens when you enter a whole new company? Is there training? Is there a list of objectives? A list of tasks? Please share with me your experiences. Thank you very much!?

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    That is your risk.  When I was a kid 35 years ago I started a minimum wage job at Pizza Hut back when it was dine in & carry out only. Then made assistant manager and then manager. I knew the operation very well but they would hire managers from other places and only give them a weeks training. So they did not perform as well as me. And some got fired.  I was not sure I could transfer my skills to other places even if they paid more. Anyway, I later started my own business and did well. Unrelated to food. And I never had to work for anyone else.

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