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What is your favorite Matchbox Twenty song?

These are all the Matchbox Twenty songs I know: Push, If You're Gone, 3 AM, Bent, Long Day, Back2Good, Unwell, She's So Mean, Bright Lights, Real World, Hang, Overjoyed, I Will, Radio, Kody

Let me try to rank them: (top 10!, 1 = best)

1. Bent

2. Back2Good

3. She's So Mean

4. Radio 

5. Bright Lights

6. Unwell

7. Long Day

8. Push

9.  If You're Gone

10. 3 AM

Any other songs by them I should listen to? Can be from any album!

~ Just a 17 year old girl who's obsessed with Rob Thomas & Matchbox20


Ok listened to Kody and Damn a lot today, and they are both really good!! Ahhh I love all their songs

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    She's so Mean               

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