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The Toyota RAV4 EV (1997-2003) was one of the earlier all-electric vehicles. Its nickel-metal hydride battery pack could store 27 kWh; its average range was 100 miles. 

a) How much did it cost to operate, per mile, with electricity costing 9¢/kWh? 

b) The non-EV RAV4 got 28 mpg. With gasoline at $4.00/gal, what was its operation cost? 

c) What is the quoted “mpg” that the RAV4 EV obtained—the mileage equivalent to a standard SUV? 

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  • 2 months ago
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    a.) 27/100 = .27kWh per mi.


       .27kWh x $.09 = $.0243 per mi.

    b.)$4.00/28 = $.1429 per mi.

    c.)$4.00/.0243 = 164.6091 mpg equivalent


    a.) can be in simpler form 27 x .09 / 100 = .0243

    c.) in English is just ask how far can i go on 4 bucks if one mile costs 2.4 cents?

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    2 months ago

    Get the real answers by asking others who own one.   It is not so easy to figure out mathematically....because batteries do not fill up simply like a gas tank.  Batteries also deteriorate(age) so that needs replacing every so often (I don't know the life of a ni-cad battery and you got to find that out stuff. Asking other owners would be the best way to find out "real world" picture.

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