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Win10 Laptop flickers when hdmi cord connected from pc to TV?

TV model is LG UN7000PUB

My PC's model is HP 15 BS234wm 

Both are fairly new. TV is one week old. PC is 6 months old.

The problem is that whenever I plug an HDMI cable from the TV into the laptop the screen flickers on the laptop. It goes in and out about every second. This didn't happen with the other TVs I had the laptop plugged into, only this new one. I have tried updating the drivers from the TV and was able to do so. However screen flickering still occurs. How do I fix this?PS It shows up for about a second then goes out for two seconds.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Something is wrong in the laptop.  

    Find a professional computer repairer and have it checked over. 

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