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in your opinion which is better sound; vinyl or cds?

i lost my vinyl over the passage of time and i just have 60 cds now to play in my denon cd stereo.....but often i feel dissatisfied with the sounds on the cds, they are not great remastered in my opinion, they lack body, depth, warmth that vinyl offers as a user called ''tony'' remarked upon in the last question.

but it's not about what I think, what do you think? 

what is better sound, cds or vinyl? especially with old music transferred onto cd now like the beatles, kinks, rolling stones, moody blues etc.

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    2 months ago
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    We found that for our own collection, the reason we didn't like our CDs as much as the old vinyl was the speakers.

    Played through the same system when we reconfigured, the CDs are slightly better, with less 'noise,' zero distortion from slight warping, and somewhat crisper. On some kinds of music, it hardly matters, and for others, it matters a lot.

  • 2 months ago

    They can both sound good or bad. I think CDs generally sound better though.

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