In order to use Facetime, how old of an iPhone or other Apple Computer product can you purchase used?

We do not have any iPhones, iPads etc.  However a special needs family member that lives at a care center may need to use FaceTime to communicate on their iPad sometimes.   I was wondering how old of an iPhone or iPad can I buy used that would still work?  If I find an iPhone 5, for example, would that work?  How low of a number of iPad version could I get?  I realize that if you go far enough back in time, that Apple doesn't support software updates, but I don't know if that is important if I am still able to get FaceTime to work.  I suppose I could consider an iPod.

I think buying older seems better than going and buying a new iPhone at the store if I am just going to use it on WiFi and not actually use it on as a cell phone.  However I don't know much about Apple products.

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