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Should I try to resist texting her and try to kiss her next time we meet?

I've been talking to this girl for the past week and I'm not sure where our relationship is. I've gotten sexy pictures from her and when I asked if it was ok for me to look she said "I thought you didn't want to be just friends". We used to text everyday and she would mostly start the conversation and use kissing and heart emojis, but lately it's been me starting the conversation and our conversations aren't that long. I hung out with her a few days ago and afterwards I told her that I wanted to kiss her and asked how she would've reacted, she just replied with the flushed emoji. I'm trying to resist texting her everyday because I don't want to seem desperate/needy, but we are most likely going to get together this weekend and I want to try and kiss her. Should I try to resist texting her or just ask her if she likes talking to me everyday? Also, next time we meet should I try to kiss her goodbye? I don't know if the emoji is a good response or a bad one.


I actually don't want to make a move too quickly or make her uncomfortable because I don't want to ruin our friendship

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    Her response may indicate that she's shy, nervous, not confident at flirting, or it could show hesitation. You have nothing to lose by trying. 

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