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Is this sounds awkward or sounds natural to you?

I talked this subject to a friend and he said to me that I understood wrong because he does not teaches in this way, but in reality, he teaches in other ways. But I was more satisfied with your answer rather than the asnwer of my friend.

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  • 2 months ago

    Sorry, this needs some help. 

    You could say:

    I talked about this to a friend, and he told me I wasn't understanding the subject as he didn't teach it in this way, he actually taught it in a different manner, so I was more happy with your answer to this than the answer of my friend.

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    2 months ago

    That's very awkward. Many verbs and adjectives in English are followed by prepositions in an idiomatic way.

    I talked ABOUT this subject WITH a friend. He said to me that I understood incorrectly because he (unless this is the same friend, you have a confusion of pronouns here. Be specific about who you mean.)

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