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Is it possible to change my email address on my hotmail/outlook account without having to go through my contacts informing of new address?

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    2 months ago

    how exactly do you think people are going to know you changed your email address if you don't tell them?

    also, you are forgetting about businesses and websites, like Facebook, Amazon, etc., which you cannot just email to let them know. you need to login to each account to change email in your Preferences.

  • 2 months ago

    If you want them to have the new address you will have to tell them, but there is a quick and easy way.  Create an auto response in the OLD email inbox which replies to any email received with information including the new email address.  You can set up the auto response to inform you, too.  You can either set it up so that any incoming email is forwarded to you at the new email address, OR include your new email address in the BCC of the auto response which would again tell you who has been given the new email address.  I like the 2nd one as a sort of receipt for who has been informed.  Your call. 

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