Is it legal for my old phone company (Globe) to charge me after eight months?

Earlier this year, around late January or early February my contract for my postpaid number finished. When I confirmed this to Globe, they assured me that the contract is finished and that I'm fully paid. I'm currently looking through my recorded phone calls because I remember calling them before as well and them telling me on record that I no longer have balance.

Fast forward eight months later, I get a call today from Globe telling me that they checked my old account and that I suddenly need to pay them 7K for my balance regarding my old number.

I'm currently very angry and I would like to complain at their store. Is this some sort of scam from the company or their employees? Since we're still in the middle of a pandemic I can see it happening.

Did anyone else get problems like this as well?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Back to paper!  Write them a letter stating that you agreed with them in January that the contract was finished and the balance was settled.  You have received a telephone call asking for $7,000 which you regard as an attempt at extortion.  If this is repeated, you will complain to the police.

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