Greetings Ye'(!) --New Android phone (cheap) :: can't switch to MTP mode to process picture [???]... uh; could you help-out? ?

Yeah -- so all the documentation seems to indicate:  Go to settings>storage, and then you're supposed to find the "more" button [top right], -- (three dots) -- and with that, options are supposed to unroll so that, Android phone can interface with, Photos app (Windows 10) *utilizing MTP_(rotocol)* -- ...  ////    ////  The Android version is:  {  "9 Pie (Go edition)"  } ...  You know it's just one of those crazy things: overarchingly, all I'm trying to do is process a photo from the cell phone -- to the, Photos app -- and the 'import' won't go through; yeah!

////  I can't see how I'm supposed to toggle (MTP) given the, lack of options -- I get!

////        -- Thanks in advance for any help: and God bless you!(!)

P.S.:  The phone itself is:  " Maxwest Nitro 5P " -- sold in Canada here -- -- 

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