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How long does tinnitus from ETD and Sinus Pressure last?

I’m on day 4 and I feel miserable... 

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  • 2 months ago

    we do not have any details to answer your question.. if your Eustachian tube dysfunction is minor, it may last few more days, and if ETD is a major, it can last weeks.. this is the type of questions that the proper answer would be "ASK YOUR DOCTOR!!", he/she would definitely know far more about your case than anyone of us here.. your question sounds like: there is a flood in my town, how long the flood would last?.. i dunno maybe days or weeks.. we do not even know what town it is..

    if you are seeing a general practitioner (or a family doctor), your problem can be minor.. but if you are seeing an Otorhinolaryngologist doctor (better known as ENT (ear,nose&throat) doctor/specialist/surgeon), it could be something more serious that requires longer treatments.. see a doctor if you are not seeing one.. 

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