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He told me that I should see other people. So why is he joking about us having sex now?

It’s a guy I’m seeing.we have been on many dates. We have also recently started sleeping together. He knows I want a relationship. He said he doesn’t know what he wants 

So I told him I want to see other people. Because he is always so undecided and it’s so back and forth and I’m stuck in a limbo. I want a relationship with someone even if it is not him. He said ok and that it would be good for me to see others 

So I thought that was it and that I won’t be hearing from him much especially since he is the one who told me I should see others clearly indicating he doesn’t want anything serious 

A few weeks later he is the one to get in touch with me more often (he never does this so it’s surprising). He’s just being friendly and I’m being friendly back 

Then I reply back to him about some other thing 

And then he made a joke about how I keep saying no to having sex with him. This is true though I have done that in the past (in a friendly sort of way) and he’s also not pressured me for it.

Like basically he brought up a ‘moment’ we had together in the past which was sweet and we both know it / felt it 

Why do that? When you shouldn’t be trying to lead the other person on if you want different things  

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    He doesn't want a "relationship" with you.  He just wants someone to haul his ashes. 

  • 2 months ago

    Please consult a mind reader.

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