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No tubes, what are my options for getting pregnant?

My tubes have both been removed due to some issues when I had my last child. My uterus, and ovaries are fully functional. I ovulate normally and have eggs left and my hormones are on par. Yes I have plans to speak with my doctor but my appointment is a ways away. What are some options for becoming pregnant again? IVF, mini IVF? Anything new that I don’t know about? Any help is appreciated! 

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    2 months ago

    Based on what you describe, IVF or mini IVF would be your only two options.  

    The main difference between the two is the hormones used and the number of eggs that could result from the treatment.  Mini IVF produces fewer eggs - so fewer options if the eggs turn out to not be viable.  

    A friend of mine is going through IVF.  She did full IVF and had ONE egg placed.  She is currently about 10 weeks pregnant.  They have saved her other viable eggs in case she wants another baby.  She has four more viable eggs and actually is considering trying for at least two or three more.

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