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I have a question, if a person has chronic depression and anxiety issues that make daily life unbearable?

Why doesn’t society allow them to admit that maybe they are too weak to deal with the psychological stress that comes with and that maybe they should be allowed to kill themselves with a gun? Some people are tough nuts to crack and psychiatrists are not smart enough or human enough to understand the issues and will make things more complex than they have to be by saying that symptoms from one illness overlap and therefore don’t treat the real underlying cause of someone’s distress. This cursed society spends too much time judging and dictating how people are suppose to behave and live their lives without realizing that there is no objective morality as long as it doesn’t involve harming others physically. [I guess it all boils down to how much society dislikes Atheists] A lot of people decide for themselves that they are psychologically weak to handle life when they take their lives. A lot of soldiers and cops kill themselves and it’s not fair that they’re allowed to take their lives with a gun and others are allowed that same opportunity. And when they do it they do it for a lot of the same reasons that other people trapped in mental hospitals do. Unbearable emotional pain or distress for not being able to have a conscious control over how they control their lives because of unbearable anxiety or anger. 

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    They should be used for medical experimentation so the rest of us normal people can have better lives.

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    Honey, what kind of a question is this? You say " Soldiers and cops kill themselves in it's not fair that they're allowed to take their lives with a gun in others are allowed that same opportunity". Are you for real? Cops and soldiers are NOT allowed to kill themselves. Where do you get such preposterous information? People who commit suicide or attempt suicide due to depression or mental illness are most likely not wanting to die....they just want their pain or suffering to cease. They are sick and need help. I do understand quite a bit on this topic as someone who has degrees in psychology, ive worked in this industry, taught in this industry and having gone through very difficult times with major depression and anxiety myself. I have ALWAYS believed that there is a helpful treatment out there that can make even the most mentally ill persons life better.  But there is no one size fits all to mental health treatment. For some people prescription medications help, for others, it may mean a lifestyle change. For others it may mean finding the source of their issue. Mental illness can also be a symptom of a severe medical issue as well,, so a whole bunch of things need to be looked at.  Many people, including myself have gotten better with treatment. The key is NOT giving up and to continue trying to find the best treatment option that works for them because most of the time, it requires effort and work to get better and multiple attempts at trying different approaches. 

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