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is there a biological response to waking up from a dream where you're gonna die?

any time i have had a dream i was about to be killed i always wake up. of course it could just be because there is like a jump scare but i've always wondered if i didn't wake up and what it would feel like to die. but i wonder if there is actually a biological response. like if your brain would force you to wake up before it happens, if that makes sense.

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    2 months ago

     If you wake up right before you die in your dream … Loewenberg explains that this could just be your body’s physiological response to a fear of death.

    I once actually died in my sleep.

    Had the funeral everything else.

    It wasn't fun.

  • 2 months ago

    It's the odd problem that we need to make sense of everything. Every experience or emotion has to have a narrative to our giant human brains (as opposed to mocking the primitive animal brain).

    When we are flooded with the chemical to make us paralyzed to sleep, without it we act our a dream and murder our wives and get away with it in court, true case study, we stereotypically make sense of the feeling of losing control of our body as "I had a dream where I was falling." Just the same when we are flooded with chemicals to wake up suddenly, we need a narrative around it in the form of a dream where we are hit with something or in an explosion or car crash, etc.

    You may or may not be dealing with something involving the idea of dying in which case in the real, non COVID world I would connect you with a Jungian dream therapist I know. But I don't think it's on that level. It's the simple need for humans to make sense aka a narrative around everything, dreaming or awake. Why did I get a shock of energy? Was I shot in the face and dying or did I get adrenaline at 6am as I have conditioned myself to in order to wake up for school?

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