How can I stop letting my emotions get a hold of me at work when I see a really attractive girl? ?

I start fantasizing about them and then I think about them alot. To be honest some of the girls I think about having sex with and others I think about a relationship with but when I go and talk to them they don't seem interested in me. I think maybe I should stop focusing on women at all at work but it's so hard 

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  • Ana
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Gypsyfish is right. You should download tinder and bumble (dating apps), and that way you can find some girls. And if none of the girls you talk to want you, then you probably should lower your standards. 

    Keep in mind that dating is a free market, if you look like the fat guy from Seinfeld but you’re wanting a girl that looks like a supermodel, obviously you’re not going to have any luck ever.

  • 2 months ago

    How old are you? I would like to tell you to read Bill Bryson's book "A Short History of Everything"- but I realize that's unlikely. In it, he talks about what scientists know about DNA. DNA is motivated by staying alive. The way it stays alive is by getting passed down through generations. If people die out, the DNA dies out. So in the teens and twenties, your DNA is pushing you very hard to mate and procreate. It's a survival mechanism. The problem comes when that becomes all consuming, and you make stupid decisions or let the rest of your life go because of that desire. It's not wrong to try to find a relationship, but your work is not the best place to do that. 

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