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I’ve been alone all my life and i feel like hanging myself. What’s the point of living if your always alone?

Am 24 years old, I’ve never had friends, never had a girlfriend, never had my first kiss, never been hugged and am always alone 24/7. I live with room mates and my room mates have girlfriends and am either in school, at work or alone in my room. I have no one to talk to, my roommates ignore me,  Sometimes, i can hear my roommates and their girlfriends having sex and it bothers me a lot. I can’t even get my first kiss let alone sex. Am extremely depressed and went to the doctor and i told him that the reason why am depressed is because i don’t have anyone to talk to and because I’ve never had a girlfriend. Then i said how is medications going to magically make me forget about those reasons? He said not to worry, I took the meds and it made no difference because i know why i feel like this, It’s because am lonely and have no one in my life and I’ve missed out on what normal people experience. Sometimes, i get a urge to jump out of my window and just die or to hang myself from my ceiling because i will be at peace. Am tired of seeing everyone around me having relationships while am left with my imaginations and thoughts. It’s driving me insane and i just can’t take it anymore. If i choose to not hang myself, my life will continue to feel horrible and that feeling sucks and the suffering feels like it will last forever. I just want my mind to be at peace but my reality of being alone and dateless is making me extremely depressed. What can i do?

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  • 2 months ago

    Ask your roommates to set you up with some blind dates.  Its a beginning.  

  • 2 months ago

    Try maybe online dating ? You don’t have to have friends or a circle to do it . 

  • 2 months ago

    Before doing anything drastic, please  and read the New Testament.  I suggest starting with the Gospel of John.  I asked Jesus Christ into my life as Lord and Savior many years ago and He has helped me with all sorts of problems as well as given me assurance of a home in heaven.  Pray.   I will pray for you too. 

    P.S.  Try visiting some churches if they are open in your area.  You'll find friends there.  Some Baptist churches are good.  Ask the pastor for counseling and prayer.  

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