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why my hard drives start working when I stop using the computer?

I've asked this before and people always think that I'm concerned about the hard drives or the noise they make. So I'd like to clarify that that is not the question, I don't care about the noise, in fact I like the sound of the western digital black hdds.

But every time I leave my desk for.. lets say 15 minutes., the hard drives start making the same sounds that they do when transferring files.

So I just don't know why is this happening?

I've checked the antivirus preferences to see if it had some analysis programmed to run when idle. But there’s nothing.

I can’t help but think that something or somebody is getting access to my computer..¿?

help please

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    2 months ago

    your panic is understandable, but unwarranted.

    Windows does TONS of stuff in the background. especiakly Windows 10, in which it is nearly nonstop.

    Windows 10, in fact, spies on EVERYTHING you do, and reports it back to Microsoft every hour.

    beyond that, in an era of always connected internet, i'm sure you have no less than half a dozen programs that check for updates every so often.

    if you want to see some, go to the Control Panel, then Administrative Tools, then Scheduled Tasks.

  • 2 months ago

    Modern OSes do things in the background.  Among those tasks are things that make your searches far faster.  When your computer is idle for a period of time, it begins doing those tasks that have been saved for idle time.

  • 2 months ago

    You have something set to run when the computer is idle. This is often it checking for updates for, maybe, Windows or something else, or perhaps you have a backup program and it's checking you're up to date.  In some cases, you see, it needs to run the drive to see what you currently have and compare it with the latest issue.

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    2 months ago

    It is running a service which starts when you're not doing anything. 

    That is when the computer is 'idle'.

    It does this eg. a virus scan to you don't have a performance depreciation when you're using your computer. 

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