Could i get paid to care for someone with a disability?

I am always helping out my mother with my 7 year old sister who has a disability. She cannot walk, talk, or communicate in any way. Due to taking care of her i am not able to get a job for my own needs (i am 20) could i get paid by the state to care for her?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Yes, it is possible, but it very much depends on which country you are in.

  • 2 months ago

    probably only if your mom pays you.

    california may be the only state that has IHSS where a family member gets paid to take care of a child with a disability that doesn't require specific medical care.

    adults that need a home health aide can have a family member paid to provide the care, but I have never heard of that extended to kids nationwide as it is expected the parents will care for the child.

    my area had a respite program where parents qualified for up to 20 hours per month of care, I don't know if a family member can be paid through that.

    not every person on medicaid is eligible for a paid care giver.

    would you be able to take another child if your home that needs child care (should wait until after covid) and get paid to babysit while you are caring for your sister?

    and if your parents income is too high, your sister may not qualify for medicaid at all

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    2 months ago

    Its not entirely outside the realm of possibility. If your mother requires care, she may be entitled to a benefit that she can put to the purpose of hiring a full time care giver, and that could be you just as easily as anyone else. It would depend on the local laws around this sort of thing, of course. You'd have to talk to your local disability support office and see if she's eligible, and if it has to be someone licensed by the state, or if it can be anyone as long as the support office is willing to sign off on it. 

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