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was Reagan the greatest president after WWII?

or is it a myth?

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    In considering him years after, there were better. If we exclude FDR, probably Eisenhower and Truman were better than Reagan, and the shorter Presidency of John Kennedy is as good as Reagan. Reagan policies caused long term issues we face today about concentration of wealth and national debt and loss of  manufacturing in the USA. He had positive things, but the negatives are now seen also.

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    Reagan was senile when he was first elected and in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's for his second term.  During his Presidency, the civil service ran the country and he personally did nothing.  It was a highly successful period for the USA, suggesting that you'd be better off without a President.

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    Clinton Was he presented WW2 Medals of Honour to African Americans  Denied to them By FDR Truman Eisenhower Bush Regan Kennedy Nixon Ford Carter all Racists none of them Bothered to Give the well earned Medal of Honour to WW2 Veterans who deserved them

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