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 Why doesn't UFC focus more on safety and pure competition and not showmanship and the delusions of street fights?

1. The closest thing that UFC ever had to unauthentic real life street fight was in the early days of UFC that had limited rules. 

2. Even in the days of the early UFC those fights were still vastly different than any street fight whatsoever because there was still agreed upon rules and officiating in a real fight there is none of that.

3. It becomes a pathetic situation when trash talking and steroid use help propel someone to the top as opposed to legitimate skill set.

4. Someone that tests positive for steroids should be legitimately disqualified , and fined and sanctioned their fight should not be a no-contest. in a perfect world if someone tests positive no matter how short the notice it is they should not be allowed to fight because they are not only given an unfair advantage but it's a liability situation. 

5. Given what we know about bloodborne diseases every safety precaution should be made to prevent individuals from transferring blood in a fight due to cuts , if this means extending the time of a fight or pausing it to address these wounds then so be it. 

6. Since there is no way the UFC would ever resemble 100% of what a street fight would look like why not focus more on competition and safety why not focus more on grappling unsubmission on standing knockouts and make other adjustments to promote martial arts techniques.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If I throw a stick will you leave

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Quit ur complaining. This is a Q/A forum NOT A COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT!!!

    Also call Dana and his board see if they really care!

    They do have precautions and rules in place with in accordance to state laws and athletic commission. Plus they are insured as well. As i stated if you are so worried than instead of complaining here write them or drop them a email or twitter or whatever and COMPLAIN to THEM NOT HERE!

  • Paul
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    you have your opinions and heres mine ..bring back the stomps and soccers kicks ..knees allowed at any time..get rid of the womens divisions...and throw in the batamweights as well

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