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How is the Iranian nuclear deal a good idea if the USA's two biggest allies in the middle east oppose it?

Can anyone explain this to me? Israel and Saudi Arabia are the USA's biggest Middle Eastern allies, and both have said they don't support the deal. So why are Democrats ignoring the wishes of our allies who know the situation in the middle East better than we do? To push them away from us and make the USA lose influence in the middle east?

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    All Obama did with that deal was kick the can down the road,  just like Clinton did with North Korea.   What it meant was Obama did not have to deal with a nuclear armed Iran,   some following president would have to do it.    It simply delayed Iran getting a nuke for ten years.   Then what?    We need an Iran with NO NUKES ever.  

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    Republicans and Democrats, Trump and Biden, all agree on our present position.  Not one single word of difference.  Iran had the bomb twenty years ago,  The so-called Iran nuclear deal is a  lie.  The US said you don't tell anyone you already have the bomb and we will pretend to believe you.

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    Because Israel and Saudi Arabia care more about their own interests than those of the U.S.  If Iran had continued developing nuclear weapons like it was before the deal, then we would have had to stop Iran with a war, which might have been good for Israel and Saudi Arabia, but it would have been bad for us.  Making a deal to stop Iran was better for us than going to war against them, even if Israel and Saudi Arabia feel a war would have been good for them.

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    Allies?   You mean israeel, which takes $8 billion a year from us and gives us nothing in return?  Or Saudi Arabia, which supplied 95% of the terrorists for 9/11?

  • Mark
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    And the rest of the world, including all our allies in Europe agree with it.

    They oppose it because they are both rivals to Iran.  With Saudi Arabia is about Sunni Islam vs Shi'ite Islam, nothing more.  With Israel, it is because Palestine has gotten weapons smuggled in from Iran.  Iran is no threat to Israel.  They have never been involved in any of the wars with Israel.  They never kicked out their Jews like all the Arab countries did.  Jews and Christians and protected in the Iranian Constitution and a parliament seat is set aside for a Jewish voice.

    The retired head of Mossad, the Israeli spy agency has said that Iran would never attack Israel.  This has nothing to do with any threat to anybody.  The deal was to keep Iran from developing nukes.  Nobody uses nukes, including Iran.  They are there to keep others from attacking them, which means it makes it more difficult for others to control the area.

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    Is Biden Inc. already war mongering?  You can't appease Iran; they hate Israel and America.  They make no deals with infidels and that is what they consider Americans.   

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    This deal was horrible from the start. Obama was so desperate for a win in the Middle East, he sold out America completely. 

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    You seem to forget that your European allies signed on to the Iran deal and still support it, Israel and Saudi Arabia didn't sign on to it, so they have no say in it.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Simple, liberals support the enemies of the United States.

    They are against God and Country.

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