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I have over two major mental diagnoses. Should I continue to raise my Austistic child or put her in a group home?

I’m a 32 year old woman raising a child by myself. When my child was born my husband was in the picture, until my daughter received a severe autism diagnosis at 3 years old. I moved on from him and continued to make sure our daughter remained healthy and received therapy for her autism.

Now 5 years old, she can only say a few words, runs around all day. Even if I take her to the park and we come home she continues to run around. We live in an apartment and I gotten complaints about her constantly running around.

I have PTSD, Bipolar disorder and mild depression, and I’m reaching a breaking point. I was hospitalized last month for a failed suicide attempt. My brother found me. Child services is involved and my daughter stayed with family, but child services gave her back to me because I’m in a partial hospitalization program.

I explained I’m in no shape to properly care for her and no one is listening to me. I am considering a group home or possibly adoption because my family can’t handle her. So, should I put her in a group home or adoption? Any advice would be appreciated. 


@Eric, So, I guess you skipped the part where my husband bailed due to her condition and he’s perfectly sane. 

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    Talk to social services about a temporary foster-care placement.  They tend to want to keep families together, and foster-care offers the possibility that you will eventually be reunited with her. It may turn out to be permanent, but don't discuss that with the social workers yet.

    Just make it clear that you badly need time to focus on your mental health issues and cannot give your daughter the care she needs.  You also need to make it clear why your family cannot provide the necessary care.

    Possibly if you mentioned that you were seriously considering placing your child for adoption with the social workers, they would grasp how grave the situation is.  

    I have trouble understanding how these people could have given the child back to you given your mental health problems and a suicide attempt.  One thing you definitely should do is talk all this over with the psychiatrist you are seeing.  He or she could discuss your need for a break from child care with the social workers.

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    Well, since you asked; my opinion is that A) you should've never had a child in the first place until you get your own issues dealt with and under control. B) Yes, you should absolutely abandon your special needs child and put YOUR burden on someone else's shoulders. C) You are a very selfish person who doesn't care at all about your child. How does one who does care about their offspring POSSIBLY even contemplate suicide, let alone attempt it. I'd say try again, but if you did and actually succeeded, I might be liable somehow, so please don't try suicide again by any means. Give your child up, it'll be the best thing for it; even though it won't ever understand why you abandoned it in the first place, and then get yourself some therapy and a goldfish. 

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    Lili explained it perfectly. Try to find her a temporary home until you get your issues resolved if it’s an option. If not, maybe adoption would be the best thing for the both of you. You can still have contact with her even if she’s in a new home 

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    Obviously that would be a last resort. This is a problem you should talk about with a qualified professional. The best I can do is provide information about things that help with your condition.

    Medication, therapy, and stress management help with bipolar disorder. This has details about self-help based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and lifestyle choices that help with depression - nutrition, basic lifestyle things like sleep, exercise, and social support, also traditional Asian methods.

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    This answer tells you about a variety of things shown to help with PTSD -

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    Your just looking for the easy way out. You thought you would come on here and people would reinforce your decision to abandon your child. How pathetic.

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    Keep her if you possibly can. The most important thing for a child is love from her mother. Do not abandon her. Stay alive, if just for her. She needs you. 

    Get help for yourself, learn about your condition and learn about your daughter's condition as much as you can. 

    Get a box of paints, brushes and paper and spend time painting together with bright colours. It will be good of both of you. 

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