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Why does it only take 15 minutes to drive to New Hampshire from Massachusetts to Maine looks bigger on the map?

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    Most of Massachusetts is only about 50 miles north-south. There is a coastal section jutting up. New Hampshire has a small narrow coastline, is wider in the middle east-west and longer north-south. Massachusetts is longer east-west.

    If you measure on a map, you can drive 15 miles or so from a northern coast highway in Massachusetts across New Hampshire, into Maine. Maine is a diagonal shape as its longest. To actually go straight line from Boston to the Canadian border closest point is still a full 180 miles or so. Downtown Boston to Portland Maine is still about 100 miles.

    But Boston MA to Nashua NH only about 30 miles.

    Rhode Island is only 20 miles across, and Delaware at its shortest width under 10 miles. But in Texas, from Beaumont in the east to El Paso in the west, takes 11.5 hours, and from Brownsville in the south to the town of Perryton is 12.5 hours.  

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    the part along Rt95 along the coast is only 15 miles long.

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