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Why was the middle east so peaceful before the creation of Israel?

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    Israel is a interloper usurper settler state that is completely alien to the region and is a western invention imposed on the ME

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    Arabs and other Muslim groups have been at each other's throats for millennia.  You really don't know what you are talking about!

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    9 million deaths in conflicts in the first half of the 20th century says it was not peaceful at all.

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    Oh, please.......

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    The middle east has never been a peaceful place, ever. Going back to the very first known civilization 7 or 8 thousand years ago, which was in what is now IRAQ, there were wars. From the the Persians, (now Iran) to the Egyptians to the Assyrians and all of the other nations and empires that rose and fell, there have always been great wars fought there. Even today, the various sects of Islam hate each other more than most of their exterior foes except maybe  the USA. In fact until the USA backed Israel in the 1967 war the USA was considered mostly a friend of most Middle east nations.

    Three of the four major religions on Earth hold that Israel is religious HOLY Land for themselves. Since Judaism and Christianity is joined through the Testaments of the Bible most Christian nations backed Israel. Yet even Islam is linked to the afore mentioned two through the God of Abraham.To say that the middle east is peaceful is to tell the greatest un-truth in written history. Islam did not exist until 700 years after the formation of Christianity, at which time both Jews and Christians resided in what is now Israel, only after the Muslims drove out the Christians did there become competition for Jerusalem.

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    Talk about a loaded question 😂. Anti Semitic much?

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    Because it wasn't, that's why.

    Before Israel showed up, it was all tribal warfare.  As soon as one conflict was resolved, another one popped up a few km away.  The middle east hasn't known peace since the dawn of history, and it probably never will.

    It just didn't make the news, mostly because nobody cared.  Tribal skirmishes happened all over the world, and it was no big deal.  It didn't become noticeable until after 1910, when the western world had discovered the power of oil and learned that the middle east had lots of it.  Then the big money started flowing in, and with big money comes big power.

    Prior to the discovery of oil, the richest nations in the middle east were dirt poor.  Forget the private jets and huge palaces, kings over there rode camels and slept in tents in the desert.  They fought wars with outdated weapons and tactics, and everyone let them do their thing.  They weren't hurting anyone else, so the rest of the world said "not my fight" and ignored them.  That all changed when oil became the big valuable commodity.

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    2 months ago

    simply not the least bit true.

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    It wasn't exactly; but the situation was this.  Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey were all ruled by the Ottoman [Turkish] Empire for 400 years.  That is a long run for an empire.  By the 1800s the Turkish Empire was getting weak and unstable.  Arabs, Africans, Christians and Jews all chafed under Turkish rule.  The Turkish Empire was known as the Sick Man of Europe, everybody waiting for him to die.  Finally in WWI the Empire fell.

    The League of nations was founded and divided the former Empire into many different countries.  

    Now, Ottoman rule was actually Muslim rule.  The Sultan was both governmental and spiritual leader.  Non-Muslims were not full citizens, but had to pay the dhimmi tax for the privilege of living in the Empire.  

    The League of Nations, however, concluded to order a nation be created for the Jewish people in their ancestral lands, which the Jews at the time called Palestine.  But a lot of Arabs had a hard time with the idea of dhimmis governing themselves, and so objected to the creation of Palestine.  In time, a good deal of the land designated for Jews was given back to Arab countries, and what was left had its name changed to Israel. But they decided that EVERYBODY who lived within Israel's borders before it was founded as Israel, would be welcome to stay as full citizens as long as they accepted Israeli rule.  Hence 20% of Israelis are Arabs, most of them Muslim and some of them Christian.  They vote and hold public office the same as any Israeli.

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    You, um... you don't study a lot of history, do you?

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    You're quite young, aren't you? Shia and Sunni states have been at one another's throats for a long time.

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