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How can I find out the house flipping prospects of a certain city similar to how I would with a dating or job board app for those activities?

I can go on a dating app to see what the dating prospects in a certain city are. I can go on a job board to see what the job prospects in a certain city are. 



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    Just go to a city that is growing and has lots of houses, and work harder than everyone else - and you'll find deals and do fine.

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    Tax assessor office in town, look under property owned by the City for non-payment of property taxes... Foreclosed homes, addresses  go see what the house looks like along with the neighborhood...  make sure the neighborhood is being cleaned up or not before buying... thx   

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    2 months ago

    IMHO you can't.  You have to learn the unique market and there isn't an app for that.  Nor should their be because a real estate market evolves and nuances of different neighborhoods within the market are constantly changing.  Your best bet would be to find an experienced realtor in each market to gain from their experience.

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    Do your homework, just like flippers do, or they hire someone to do it.  Are you expecting someone here, on YA, to offer to do your job for you?  For nothing?

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