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Classic/soft rock songs about a woman who leaves her abuser?

One of my favorites is "You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt.  I was looking for other woman-empowering songs from possibly the 60's to early 90's about domestic violence or toxic relationships, mainly about women who leave or stand up to their abusers.

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  • The Thunder Rolls Garth Brooks

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    "Anon." is presumptuous & wrong.

    "You're No Good" was written by the late Clint Ballard Jr. & 1st recorded in 1963 by the late Dee Dee Warwick (sister of Dionne).  Released as an "R & B" track, this version went nowhere.  Later in '63, it was done by the late Betty Everett, but didn't make the Top 50.  

    It was then done as an album track in 1964 by The Swinging Blue Jeans, another Liverpool band who rode the wave of the "British Invasion" begun by The Beatles.  A friend bought the album in 1965.  That was the 1st time I was exposed to the song.

    It was one of several songs tried out by the "basement band" I played in, c. 1969.  We decided to go with "Mustang Sally" instead.  

    In 1975, Linda Ronstadt took it to #1.  She used the 1964 version as her base. 

    I think Van Halen also recorded it later.  

    If you bother to actually, you know, listen to the lyrics, it has S.F.A. to do with an "abusive" lover.  It's just about a person who broke with one to go to another, only to find the other was unworthy.  It's amazing how you can observe a lot by just watching, & hear a lot by just listening.           

    I see we have a couple of other damned fools who are too stupid to actually listen to the lyrics.  GOT to be Trumpoids.  No one else is that dense.     

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    "Rosie Strike Back" - Rosanne Cash

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    You Don't Own Me by Lesley Gore. It could be interpreted to be about a toxic relationship - a controlling partner. The singer/narrator is standing up to that person.

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    Fire on Babylon by Sinead O'Connor.

    I think it's about being abused by her own mother.

    Not sure about being classic/soft rock but amazing song.(powerful stuff)

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