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Level red on states COVID?

Is this very bad will it get better or worse will they shut down everything?

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    2 months ago
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    Yes, I don’t think everything will be shut down but a lot of stuff well. When Biden takes over the whole country will be shut down for six weeks. The economy will crash and go into chaos but the coronavirus rate will go down and will flatten the curve.  

  • Andy C
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    2 months ago

    Its likely to get much worse as people continue to not wear masks and distance themselves and everyone moves inside for the winter. 

  • Red level is usually close to being locked down. If new daily case numbers get worse or if hospitals are at near capacity with covid cases, then they can put your area into a another lock down, gray level. With a lock down, that depends on what your area has planned for that. In my area, schools are still open as are big box stores. Indoor dining is prohibited, gatherings are not supposed to be more then 5 people indoors and 10 people out doors, or limited to within your household. But people are still travelling to other areas to go shopping for Black Friday and creating more new covid cases. Not all stores are following health officials guidelines, so they received a hefty fine. I don't see the reason why people want to go out shopping, when they can do so safely from their home. 

    After my are went into a red level a few weeks later, they locked it down again. It's basically a modified stage one. I think they should have gone back to phase one, locked it down again until case numbers start going down. 

    Cool that the states are doing that, I'm in Canada they're doing the whole color coded system in some provinces too. 

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