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How durable is The Tick?

I know The Tick is probably only as strong as Captain America but his durability is on a whole completely different scale. Do you think his durability is on par with Superman?

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    He's "Nigh Invulnerable".  It's one of his most common things to say.  In practice, it seems that Tick is basically unharmable but CAN be stunned or caused pain that creates a temporary difficulty.

    I don't believe that Tick has ever been attacked with an attack on Superman's level, so I can't say if he's on that level.  But I think the character's mythos is that he would be exactly what he says "Nigh Invulnerable".

    In terms of strength, I think he's MUCH stronger than Captain America.  Especially in the comic and cartoon.  

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    Ticks have a very hard exoskeleton, but move very slowly. They also NEED a host, in order to survive. 

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