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How is the Lord or the LORD, the King of kings if Lord is not a royal title?

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    2 months ago

    Jesus is BOTH King of kings and Lord of lords

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    The New Testament is post-dated Roman propaganda written by Josephus Flavius to keep control of the vast uneducated populations in areas of a far-flung empire on the verge of collapse. "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's" means, pay your taxes or be punished. That's why evidence of it existing before the Flavians has never and will never be found. Only the Jews denied it's authenticity in spite of it's emphasis on crucifixion and eternal damnation for all who didn't comply. Pontifix Maximus=Lord=Caesar=King of Kings= etc...etc... It's all semantics.

  • Clo
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    2 months ago

    Lord is just an honorific that denotes a man of power, an honorific for a peer of the realm, not of the heavenly kingdom.

    All non-royal peers can use some form of Lord as an honorific.

    A duke is My Lord Duke. A marquess is My Lord Marquess,ย  My Lord, or Lord ---. An earl, viscount, and baron are the same: My Lord or Lord ---.


    In your example, Jesus is called KING of Kings---king denotes a monarch, a royal, but Jesus' realm is not of this world but of the heavenly host.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    In the KJV different usages are indicated by means of capitalization.

    Timothy says He is both Lord of lords, and King of kings.ย 

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  • Rico
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    2 months ago

    The same way Queen of Australia and Lord of Mann are held by the same person.ย 

  • Seriously, is this the bit of the Bible that most worries you? You didn't find Lazarus slightly improbable?ย 

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    2 months ago

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