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Why do white conservatives and liberals suffer from perpetual victimhood?

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    Victimhood is a powerful motivator!  If you want to be a leader of men, if you want people to follow you around, listen to you speak, send you money, vote for you, etc., the easiest way is to convince them their rights have been abridged and you're going to help them fight for what they are due.

    Libs do sometimes feel like victims.  Minorities do (and they ARE).  But the strongest sense of victimhood is found in Republicans.  The Republican Party has always been the smaller party in terms of registered voters nationwide.  They win because they get more of their people out to the polls on election day.  Because they get them angry and they promise them the moon.  "We'll end abortion!  We'll end Gay Rights!  We'll end illegal immigration!  THESE THINGS ARE BAD AND YOU HAVE A PERFECT RIGHT TO STOP THEM!  And the way to do that is to throw the evil Democrats out!"

    Today they're even building a consciousness in Republican voters that the election was stolen from them.  That Dems cheated, that there was an evil conspiracy against them by the Dems, the media, the CCP and the Deep State.  Republicans will feel cheated as long as we have a Democratic president!  Now THAT'S victimhood!

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    jesus and lack of jesus

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    I don't have that problem . I have the voice in my head keep the boogie man under the bed controlled . I have my Con Trolled by the voice in my head too . Libby likes that and she's important  .

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    Leave me alone, can't you see I feel bad .

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