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Does anyone else randomly have the urge to cut everyone off?

I sometimes randomly get in moods where I just feel so angry at everyone in my life for no apparent reason and I want nothing more than to just cut everyone off and not speak to anyone again. It usually happens when I'm already feeling down and especially when I see people achieving things I can't. 

For example, I was doing really well losing weight healthily for about 2 years but over the past 6ish months I've reverted to my old starve, binge, purge, repeat cycle while my one friend has been having great success losing weight in a healthy way. While I'm happy for her, when I see her posting progress pictures on social media, I feel a lot of resentment and it sends me into one of these moods and I just want to isolate myself and cut everyone off. This is just one example of when this happens but does this happen to anyone else? Or any insights, comments, etc. about this? I just don't understand why I get like this

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  • isolate myself yes, but not cut everyone off, i still want to maintain contact with my best friend and my two beloved elderly parents. i wish you the best.

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