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was Buzz Aldrin a "Free Mason"? why some say that points to his being in on a mass hoax such as the Moon landing?  why?

what would be the purpose of lying or taking part in a mass hoax such as the Moon landing? how ties into the Masonic beliefs?

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    Yes Buzz Aldrin is an active Free Mason, or was 50 years ago. NONE of the SIX manned Moon landings were hoaxes. If they HAD been the U.S.R. would have exposed the hoxesvery quickly. 49,00 people can't keep a conspiracy going for 5 DECADES.

    Yes, there WAS an Apollo 16 capsule, bit it NEVER went to the Moon. It was used to go Skylab.

    It's amazing how delusional and totally obsessed some people are. 

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    thinks you know nothing about the free masons , do you !!!!

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    I built ,and most of it was free...  next time you notice the fake moon set, send me an E-mail and let me know where to do touch-ups...

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    The people who claim no one ever went to the moon believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, which says the Earth is flat, set up on pillars, and covered with a dome called the firmament. 

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    Yes in his younger days he was very active in the Masonic Order

    And a Devout Roman Catholic

    A fact he let slip once in an after Dinner Speech was as Neil was preparing to Vacate the LEM, he had a small Vial of wine and a cracker hidden in his suit

    And did a quick, sneaky personal Mass

    It was Bart Sibrel who was the A$$hole who challenged him that fateful night

    To swear on the Bible that he never went to the Moon !!

    I would reckon Bart Sibrel would get Black Balled if he went to join the Masonic

    Or Even The Boy Scouts !!

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    Aldrin is still very much alive, and has already slugged at least one idiot who doubted he had been to the Moon.  So "was" in your question is inappropriate.  Why don't you try asking him, assuming you don't mind a bloody nose.  He isn't a Mason either.

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    It says ,in the bible :"For the poor you will always have with you in the land".

    Today , I'm sure it would say  , "For idiots you will always have with you in the land".

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    N i c e   t r y .

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    I think once you get into that kind of thing it's so strongly influenced by confirmation bias it isn't worth tracing the so-called reasoning.

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    The only hoax was that there was not an Apollo 18.  There was!  I have seen the lost documentary footage. I saw it on Netflix.

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    The Moon Landings (six of them) were not a hoax.  12 men have walked on the moon.

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