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Limitation of places you can get served at?

I currently don't have any communication with my wife. But I do know we have a hearing coming up so she's going to be there for sure. Can I have someone serve her in the court hall? When I look this up, I only see "home, work, anywhere on the street" so I'm not sure if court halls are protected jurisdiction.

FYI I'm foreign pls don't laugh at my ignorance.TIA

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    Yes, you can serve your wife in the court hall.   I would not do it during a hearing, while the Judge is seated.   But, she could be served during a break. 

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    I assume that serving somebody in a court room might be a problem but anywhere else on the premises (such as the hall ways) would be fine.

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    The rules regarding service vary by location, and we have no idea where you are or for what issue she needs to be served.

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    Don't know what the rules are wherever you are, but here you can certainly serve in the public spaces such as hallways, passageway, general public spaces etc. but not in the courtroom itself.

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