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I am soo confused people telling me no one is perfect ??

People at my work place keep telling me that no one is perfect. And I never said that I am perfect. Behind close door, there’s a lot of things I do is not perfect. On the outside, I do my best and not show or tell my imperfectness that be embarrassing

When there imperfection on the outside like I don’t understand something and I ask questions. I don’t know everything.  What am I doing wrong ???

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  • 2 months ago

    You arent doing any thing wrong. People often times have a problem understanding work is done in the work place. Personal issues, in depth emotional perspectives, political views, and life philosophies are best kept outside of work and shared with those we trust, love, and have established similar views. People go to work to work...well, at least they should. The issue lies when people who see you several hours a day for months, years, on end, mistake familiarity with friendship. They feel slighted that they do not know more about you. Yet, it is not as if you interviewed them to be your coworker AND friend and decided you two were a match. You were tossed together to do a job, period. If friendship comes, it comes. If not, again, getting the job done is what you all were hired for. 

    Next, often times people get intimidated by people who are not willing to slack when they slack. It sounds like they want you not to take the job so seriously by doing everything to the best of your ability to which Im certain if presented to the owner of the actual company whose sole focus is keeping afloat, he would side with you. No owner says give me the person who kinda does the job, but makes lots of friends and is super social at work. That is not who gets raises, nor promotions.

    So, they are doing something called leveling. They perceive your hard work and dedication as above them and it leads them to feel less than. So, to make themselves feel comfortable, they pull out their emotional saw and saw your thriving...tall tree down to their shorter tree where they feel comfortable dealing with you at. So, when you hear "no body's perfect" that is their verbal saw cutting you down to their lower level. 

    You dont even like these people. Lazy or doing half **** work isnt your cup of tea. So, try not to be harmed by it and reframe it as them being underachieving insecure people who lack work ethic, upset that you do not. Try to get out of that department and grow even taller if it becomes unbearable. 

  • 2 months ago

    More information? Context? Are you dating a lot of people and not finding the right one, so they're trying to say that your standards are too high? Or are you really judgmental at work, making them feel defensive? Or do they think you're acting snobbish and above them? Sorry, I don't understand why they would feel the need to tell you this, so it's hard to say what you're doing wrong. 

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