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Why my body shake and my hand stiffens when I have pent up anger?

I am in a middle of an arguement, but then he cuts me off because of something important. After that I felt more frustrated but I tried to keep it from myself, then my body starts to shake, my hands hardens (it's forming weird shape), my heart tightens. I tried to scratch myself to release some pain but when he tried to stop me from scratching my arma, my body shakes more and I can't speak the more I try to speak the more my heart pounds and I almost bite my lips to point of bleeding.... then after few seconds of him stopping my involutary movement and scratching my body falls like almost fainting and I just stares at one point. After that arguement I had a headache.

What is happening to me? I have a few episodes of these now

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

     Plenty of hormones are firing through out your body zonal

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