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mom keeps feeding my dog human food ?

I have a French bulldog and before he used to be very well trained but since I came back to living with my dog my mom has made him horrible, she feeds him from the table and now he constantly begs for food, he doesn’t even eat his dog food anymore he’d rather starve than eat it and I’ve constantly told her a million times to stop feeding him human food to the point I had to scream at her to stop and she still does, but yet lies about it. She feeds him pizza, chips, fast food, and then lies about it and I’m so irritated with her, when he gets sick she won’t be the one to pay his bill. Also he barks all the time now to get his way, and she always throws food outside to the stray cats and everytime she opens the door she lets him run outside and eat the food, which will be chocolate muffins, cookies, literally anything it’s so f*cling annoying. And now she’s really been getting on my f*cling nerves because she has the audacity to come to my face and complain about my dogs “begging problem” that SHE STARTED. I’m so scared my dog is going to get sick because of her, this thanksgiving she gave him the turkey behind my back and when I asked her she lied but I know she gave it to him because he won’t eat his dog food and his stomach hurts. I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m so angry with her and she doesn’t listen and will literally lie and act like she knows everything. Another thing she’s done is that she has this homeless friend and he has an old sick dirty dog with fleas-


I told her don’t let my dog around that dog because I don’t want my dog to get sick or get fleas, I wake up one day and go outside my mom left him in the backyard with that dog for hours together and now my dog won’t stop itching. She also lets the homeless dog sleep inside, I keep my dog in my room at night and one morning she came screaming in my room that my dog peed in side (he’s house trained) and screamed at him and tried to beat him even though it was obviously the DIRTY HOMELESS DOG 

Update 2:

He’s actually very skinny because he refuses to eat his dog food, and even if he’s skinny it doesn’t matter you shouldn’t be feeding a dog HUMAN FOOD it’s very unhealthy and can kill them and I’ve explained this to her so many times 

Update 3:

Y’all think this is a troll question- I wish it was. My mom is literally just that crazy 

Update 4:

I’ve decided today to lock him in the cage even though he constantly barks and whines to get out, and I understand a dog won’t starve himself but the thing is I NEVER feed him human food but my mom always does behind my back, and even if I try to keep him in my room she will “accidentally” open the door and let him out and the first thing he does is run to the kitchen 

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    Tell Mom that she will be getting any veterinary bills if the food causes a medical crisis. 

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    I guess you regret coming home with your dog.  Your mom does not respect you or your dog or she would abide by your rules for YOUR dog.  She just doesn't care what you want.  Not a very good mom if she defies you & your wishes.

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    So MOVE OUT.   Mom clearly is NOT going to change her ways.  She clearly is NOT seeing that her behaviors are causing the dog's food-driven habits.

    A dog actually wont "starve themselves".   Once you move out and establish that he wont be able to expect table scraps, he WILL resolve to eating dog food again.

    For now, he will hold out and wait for "something better" because he knows its coming.

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    Either put the dog under lock and key (such that your mother cannot feed him or turn him into the back yard) or

    2) put him in say doggie day care -either the paid ones or with an friend or relative who is home when you are not, or3) you MOVE OUT and do not allow you mother a key to your new place and then YOU control and -retrain your dog.

    4) you re-home the dog.

    Your dog is spoiled and has been badly corrupted by your mother's intentional misbehaviors = strongly suggesting either mental illness or (more likely) "passive aggression" on her part, towards the dog.  

    Yes, by eating ONLY or almost entirely human food, the dog may suffer a very expensive bout of pancreatitis and may a suffer weak bones & joints and cracked or rotting teeth from an extremely unbalanced diet.

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    So pack your bags  and go and rent a property

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    This is obviously a troll question. Get a hobby love and a back bone and stop hiding on anon. 

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    Get rid of your wimp dog man. Get a big strong pit bull like mine. My pittie can kill anything and everything. I can sell you a pittie from proven killer of other dogs/cats parents. Be tough be awesome bruh get a pit. 

  • 2 months ago

    if he is not fat don;t worry

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